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Visiting The Child Friend in Egypt May 2024

A group of us recently had an opportunity to visit The ChildFriend Institution in Egypt. We were absolutely amazed by witnessing the incredible power of God at work, guiding the hands of the dedicated team there as they set up the new facility aimed at serving even more children in need.

As we toured the new facility, it was inspiring to see the tireless efforts of the team in action. Since relocating the children to this new facility, the team has been pouring their hearts and souls into the project. They are not only focused on the present but also investing heavily in the future by enhancing the building and infrastructure. Their aim is to create a solid foundation that will support the expansion of their ministry, ensuring that they can continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless more children for years to come.

May the Lord bless the team in Egypt and reward their hard work,


The Child Friend (Canada)

After reviewing the accounts

Meeting with the lawyers

After hours of building the budget for 2024

Playing a Soccer game with the kids

The kids are playing a game

Helping the kids build bracelets with the names

Continue to Pray with Us

Pray for a 24-passenger bus for children’s transportation with a trustworthy driver.

Pray for each child, for their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs to be met by the Lord, and for their hearts to be prepared to accept the Lord into their lives.

Pray for divine guidance to find a better school than the current one, as it lacks in academic, social, and moral standards.

Pray for the Lord to provide faithful workers for cleaning.

Pray for strength from the Lord to care for the five children who require circumcision surgeries post-operation.

The current facility accommodates 30 beds, and our vision is to build a children’s shelter capable of housing over 100 homeless children. We have already paid the fees for obtaining a building permit to obtain preliminary approval, and we will provide more details about the second phase plan very soon.

Pray for the Lord to provide enough finances for us to begin the second phase of construction immediately upon obtaining the building permit.