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Poverty Alleviation

Poverty affects children and less fortunate families in the worst way. It robs them of their basic rights to thrive, develop, secure livelihood and participate in society. We provide those children in The Child Friend with the basic amenities, food, clothes and a safe place to sleep. We take them to school and help them with their studies. In summer, We take the children to short trips to the beach where they spend three or four days to enjoy swimming, playing, and having fun like other children.

In addition to serving residents of the institute, we offer aid to impoverished families with small kids as well as to single mothers struggling, so that they can provide nurturing care of their children. The assistance can either be in the form of material needs, like clothes, tools and household appliances or monetary for their daily expenses. We also help battered women and mothers look for decent jobs and lead a respectable life.