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Newsletter – May 2024

We are expanding our Day Use Program to help over 40 street kids aged 3 to 7. These children come from poor areas like informal settlements and markets. They will be safe with us, away from danger.

We want to do more than just give them a safe place. We want to teach them important values and skills through fun activities like games and sports. This helps them fit into society better. These values also affect their families, churches, and the community in a good way.

We give them food, clothes, and help them find their talents. We also tell them stories from the Bible that give hope and faith.

With your help and support, we can help more kids and make their lives better. Join us in this journey of love and empowerment!

The Child Friend (Canada)


Continue to Pray with Us

Pray for the summer vacation time as we have great plans for the kids.

Children aged 6-12 are going to a retreat with the churchfor four days end of May.

Junior high boys will go to a retreat in July.

All children will go مصيف to enjoy the sea and water activities in August.

Planning to go out for several field trips in different places in Cairo during the summer.