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Newsletter June 2024 – With a Grateful Heart

With a grateful heart, we express our sincere appreciation for God’s provision and your generosity. Our God is truly amazing! We have received enough donations to cover the first year of running the Day Use program for the young kids, as well as to meet all the needs that Refaat had requested for their summer activities and equipment. We are deeply thankful for your support, which will make a significant difference in the lives of these young kids. We continue to trust in the Lord, who will provide for the other needs they have, such as the regular expenses for running the new facility, the renovations and purchasing the bus.


بكل قلب شاكر، بنعبرعن امتنانا الصادق لعطاء الله وكرمكم. ربنا فعلاً عظيم! استلمنا تبرعات كافية لتغطية السنة الأولى من برنامج الاستقبال النهاري للأطفال الصغار، وكمان لتلبية كل الاحتياجات اللي طلبها رفعت للأنشطة الصيفية. إحنا ممتنين جداً لدعمكم اللي هيعمل فرق كبيرفي حياة الأطفال دول. بنواصل الثقة في الرب، اللي هيوفر باقي الاحتياجات زي المصاريف العادية لأدارة الدار الجديدة، التجديدات وشراء الأوتوبيس.


The Child Friend (Canada)

احتفال بأعياد ميلاد ٥ اولاد لشهر مايو 🎂🎂🎂


Continue to Pray with Us

Pray for the summer vacation time as we have great plans for the kids.

Junior high boys will go to a retreat in July.

All children will go مصيف to enjoy the sea and water activities in August.

Planning to go out for several field trips in different places in Cairo during the summer.