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About The Child Friend

Who We Are

We are a compassionate group of friends united by a shared concern for the impact of poverty on the lives of children in Egypt. Motivated by a collective desire to make a meaningful difference, we have come together to establish a Canadian charity with a distinct purpose. Our focus is on supporting ministries in Egypt, particularly those dedicated to running orphanages for street kids. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to contribute to the well-being and futures of these vulnerable children.

Our Mission

To alleviate hardships for disadvantaged children in Egypt, particularly those on the streets. We aim to provide essential resources for their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

To positively shape the lives of these children through collective efforts, offering hope, dignity, and opportunities for a better future. This mission is fueled by our own initiatives and the contributions of like-minded individuals, all rooted in a compassionate Christian approach.

Our Vision

To provide a nurturing environment for street kids, fostering holistic development rooted in love and Christian values. It aims to empower these children with essential tools for a brighter future, emphasizing faith, community, and personal growth.

Our Story

Our Beginnings

The ministry started. We started as Child Friend Team that performed shows using puppets and marionettes to teach educational, moral and spiritual topics.  We performed plays in most churches all over the country from Upper Egypt in the south to Alexandria in the north and at different occasions like Child’s Day, Christmas and Easter. We faced many hardships because of lack of funding and/or personnel, but despite that, the ministry survived because children are very dear to God and to us.

Established as Child's Friend Institute

The ministry was further developed when we established Child Friend Institute, a charitable institution accredited by the Ministry of Social Solidarity. We continue to support children especially those deprived of warm family love due to: poverty, the spring uprising in Egypt that left many children homeless, abandoned and forgotten; also family breakups, divorce and physical or emotional abuse.  The victims of these situations are hundreds of innocent children.

Founded As A Registered Canadian Charity

Founded as a registered Canadian Charity, The Child Friend. This initiative aims to raise funds to sustain and strengthen our mission in Egypt, specifically directed towards assisting underprivileged children and the programs designed for their progress. Through the establishment of this charitable organization, we have initiated the collection of donations, laying the foundation for a collaborative effort to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need in Egypt.

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